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So I have been gone.

For a VERY long time.

but I am back!

Hopefully with plentiful posts of varying degrees of interest to all.
After giving up my blog for the month of January, (New Years Resolution of giving up one thing for each one month) it would appear that I very much got out of the habit of updating it and I resolved to start again once my exhibition was over and done with.

So now then.

So a very heavy snow related post...

Extremely overdue (read above incase you want an explanation) but snowy nevertheless.

A few contacts from a film I shot when it snowed and myself and Troughton went for an extremly slippery walk around the Arboretum in Nottingham.

You will find that she appears again and again over the next few posts as I have shot her rather alot this term. The poor unfortunate girl just cannot escape my grasp... (as if one year of classes together wasn't enough.) Being the fool that I am, I did not have any gloves and so couldn't assist her with what potentially could have been a magnificent snowman.

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