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So I have been lazy (in a blogging sense) for the month of January and it seems that now is the time to jump back into the saddle (whilst wasting time scanning films).

I have been excessively busy moving back to Nottingham, essay writing, house-hunting and exhibition planning for the past month, I fear I have barely take any photos. This of course is a lie and merely my mind playing tricks on me in order to stress me out over my impending deadline. Shall be exhibiting in the first few weeks of March and am looking forward to it immensely.

So to the work...
Just 3 images for this returning post. I am working on cinematic portraits, particularly those of young females from around the age of 11 up to early twenties. I have been experimenting with different techniques (both digital and analogue filming) as well as still image. I will inform more as it progresses.

Until then, in the words of Norman Parkinson... "Keep Watching"

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