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 So, once again it has been a while.

I have been lazy at posting but I have been creating work at the very least. 
Unfortunately I had to attend the funeral of my grandfather and was unsure as to how I could express myself at this time. However, at the time I took these images (I will explain a little around how they came about in a moment) it all seems to fit together in my head.

The following two images may be distressing to some viewers.

So my uncle owns birds of prey, and they eat small birds/rabbits/etc. These are the result of me photographing the freezer which he keeps their food in.

I found this so tragic, but it is just and example of the way things are.

I took many more, but these two really resonate in my mind and I honestly find it difficult to bypass them being beautiful images because in a sense they are.

I may decide to show some more at later date, but these were just a representation of how I felt at the time.

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